You have probably heard of secret shopping.  Maybe you even wanted to try it, but were nervous to seek out opportunities because there are so many fraudulent people that use secret shopping as a way to scam people.

I’ve have done a fair amount of secret shopping with a handful of different companies, so I feel confident in recommending BestMark as one company that I know to be reputable and great to work with.

Depending on where you live, BestMark will have any number of secret shopping opportunities; restaurants, financial institutions, automotive, and retail establishments to name a few.  You just select your area, and the radius you will travel and they will give you a list of opportunities.   Even in my area which is fairly rural, I  have done automotive shops, hotel shops and casino shops.   They also occasionally will have phone or web shops, although I have never tried doing one of those.  The pay out is less – but the effort is also a lot less because you don’t have to physically visit an establishment.

With BestMark they will require you to take an initial test to assess your ability to follow directions and understand the shops they will send you on.   No worries on the test, you can retake it if you miss too many… and the tests aren’t really that hard to begin with.   Most people will pass the first time.

With shops where you are required to purchase goods or services, you do have to pay up front with your own money, but you are reimbursed afterwards if you turn in your paperwork and fill out their follow up questionnaires.   I get my checks mailed to me in about 3-4 weeks.  They do not offer direct deposit as some other secret shopping companies do, but perhaps in time this will be offered.  If you are leery of paying for items up front, there are shops that do not require a purchase, such as automotive shops where all you need to do is take a test drive.

If you would like to become a secret shopper with Best Mark, follow this link and submit your application.  Just because you sign up does not mean you are required to go on shops.  You pick shops when you want, on your schedule.   But going through the application process will give you a better feel for the company and what they expect.



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