The worst product I ever recieved

The vast majority of products I have received for review have been at least passable.   There have been a few stinkers though.   I once got a battery operated can opener.   While I was trying it out, it died mid way through a can.   This wouldn’t have been so bad, but I was trying to open a can of tuna.   So trying to wrestle the device off the can, I got tuna juice all over me, and my kitchen.   I ended up getting so frustrated that I threw the can (with the opener still attached) in the trash… and then I had to take a shower.

Because of this experience, I will never again try another battery operated can opener.  I will stick with my OXO Smooth Open can opener, which I’ve had for years.

  • UPDATE  09/09/16 *

I just received another extraordinarily disappointing product.   It was a water bottle which seemed promising.   Stainless steel, double walled and a good size to boot.   What could go wrong?  The printing on the outside of the bottle rubbed off all over my hands, and smeared around the bottle.   Had I actually paid the $17.99 retail for the bottle, I think I would have been really hot under the collar.   Needless to say, my review will not be too glowing.


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