Rules for Reviewers

rules for reviewersNo one ever told me how to be a professional reviewer.  It evolved over time.  My style and attitude towards it may be different than other reviewers but I think there are some universal rules of review that should be adhered to (especially on Amazon), and I think all professional reviewers conform to similar standards, even though there is no rule book for it (until now).   Some rules are just basic etiquette, some will save you from violating Amazon’s TOS.

  1. Never accept cash for a review.   The review item is your “compensation”.
  2. Always disclose that you got the product for free or a discount.  Do not bury your disclaimer in the middle of the review, place it in the first sentence or at the very end.
  3. Always plan to have reviews done in a timely manner.
  4. Always communicate with the seller, give order numbers and review links.
  5. Never leave one sentence reviews.
  6. Do not accept reviews where the seller demands a 5 star review in advance.
  7. Proper grammar and spelling are necessary for every review.

If I think of any more Rules for Reviewers I will add a follow up.  Do you have any rules I forgot to mention?


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