Vacation prep for me always has to factor in my reviewing.   One week from vacation, I (try to) stop taking in new review items – unless I have the seller’s permission to hang on to the item until I am back and review it then.  Most people might do a vacation mail hold from the post office; I also have to do a FedEx and UPS vacation hold for packages as well.   Thank goodness they offer that!  The amount of tonnage that would pile up in my garage or on my front doorstep would be immense.

This year’s main vacation lasted a couple weeks.   It was a road trip over most of the western US.   I was able to see a lot of things that I haven’t seen, some things I’ve seen but wanted to see again.   It was quite an undertaking.

It was (for me) a working vacation as I didn’t take off time from my regular paying day job. I brought my laptop and hotspot with me in the car and for the most part, it worked out ok except in the mountains when I lost signal.vacation

I don’t have much of a distinction between work and home because I work from home, and now I work on vacation.  I’m not complaining at all, because I love my day job and I love my review job.   But I wish there were more hours in the day, especially because this is what awaits me when I get home:

2016-06-13 16.04.11

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