Oh crap. It’s a group text.

grp txtPardon the diversion from reviewing talk, but for the record; a group text among a small group of close friends trying to decide on a place to meet up is the only acceptable use of group text, everything else is an MMS gang bang.    I cannot be the only one who despises the overuse and abuse of group texts, right?  I cannot fathom why I still get so many group texts.   Have we not learned?

It happens to me at least once a week that I get roped into these unfortunate group texts.  Even when the text is relevant to me, I still despise them.   Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad if so many people didn’t need to chime in with irrelevant banter – but of course people feel compelled to do this.  Do people enjoy having their phones explode with rapid fire irrelevant texts?  Do they not have better things to do with their time?

And, maybe the more pressing question – why is there no option to exit a group text?  That should definitely be an option.  Some app maker could make a fortune.  Be the only messaging app with a feature to remove yourself from group texts.   But in the meantime while we wait for this miracle app, maybe there ought to be some rules for group texting- you know, some basic etiquette.

  1. If you are group texting eight or more people who are not close friends, don’t.
  2. If you still insist on sending your group text, add a caveat at the end telling people to respond to you privately, and not on the group text.
  3. Any person still responding to the group text will be publicly shamed until they stop.
  4. If you are the unfortunate recipient of a group text do not reply, ever. If you have to tell the originator something, respond to them in a personal text.

If people adhered to these basic rules, think how much time would be saved.   Think of how much better our lives would be!   And, maybe I wouldn’t mind so much when I see I have a group text.


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