The best Item I ever was offered

bestI’ve even been offered expensive items like furniture, appliances, high end electronics and jewelry.   And all those are pretty great, who wouldn’t like to get that kind of stuff?  But there are always a few stand outs and they aren’t necessarily because of the expense.   Sometimes the best products are the ones that unexpectedly surprise me with how much I come to rely on them.  I can’t pinpoint just one “best item”.

For instance, I was offered breakfast cereal a few years back.  Yes, cereal!   Kellogg’s Krave and Crunchy Nut cereals.  I got addicted for awhile.   I’d be buying box after box when my originals ran out… they were that good!  Krave, by the way… is an excellent way to get a chocolate “fix”.   I generally eat it dry, as a snack.

I also can’t live without Luseta Beauty Argan oil hair mask.   When my free one ran out, I went out and bought some more.  It really worked wonders on my hair.  I use it also after the pool, I rub some in and my hair is soft and tangle free and it doesn’t look like a rat’s nest, which is something I prefer not to have when in public.

I have become somewhat dependent on my power banks.  I have kept about 8 or 9 even though I don’t need that many, but I’ve reviewed literally dozens, so I feel like an expert.  Aukey seems to make some of my favorite ones, but idaye has made some I really like too.

I also received a leather purse that I have come to adore.   If anything happened to that, I’d be buying a replacement, ASAP.  It’s 100% real leather, I still can’t believe how inexpensive it was, because the feel of the leather is amazing!  I had a few other “little black purses” but I gave those all to Goodwill, because this is the only one for me now.

And finally, I have to give mention to my memory foam mattress topper, which rests on our memory foam bed (which was also a review item).   The topper is nothing short of amazing.  It’s like no other comfort I’ve ever felt in a bed, and I really liked our memory foam mattress alone for it’s comfort.   With the topper added on though, it takes it to a whole new decadent level.   I’d advise if you want to take your bed to the “next level” get one of these yourself.  I think it can improve just about any bed.


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