Less than a 5 star

Star_rating_1_of_5Sometimes, products just don’t measure up.   Then you have to leave a one or two star review.   How to approach them is sometimes a dilemma.   How do you be fair and not inflammatory, but present a reasoned explanation for why the product didn’t measure up? Here are some recent instances where I left a negative review:

2 Star Dino Pets

There is a lot of set up and care that goes into this, and the reward is not immediate by any stretch. My kids were excited, and then grew bored quickly when results were not spectacular. We are on day 4 and while the Dino Pet lights up more than it did, it still is very underwhelming (although cool). I understand that in a couple weeks the effect will be even more dramatic and if it is and I need to up my star rating I will at that point. I wish these things just lit up randomly on their own like lightning bugs, where we could sit with a magnifying glass and marvel. But we can’t do that because you have to shake them to get any light.

I like the idea of this, but in practice it just doesn’t have the appeal I thought it would. It only lights up at night, and the effect is short lived and “wears out” if you shake it too much. I also feel responsible for this thing, to make sure it gets light and food… it is a living colony after all. So now I feel that it’s more work for not a lot of fun. When I run out of food I almost feel like I have an ethical dilemma on my hands! Do I buy more or kill the entire colony?! I know they are not sentient, but it seems deliberately mean, like kicking over ant hills.*

1 Star Dehumidifier

I was hoping this little unit would perform better. After having it running for a day, there was maybe one tiny drip in the reservoir. So, thinking part of the problem was that I have a large dehumidifier downstairs, I decided to put a humidifier right next to the dehumidifier to test it. (see my video) My humidifier is small, it has a reservoir of only a half cup. I let it run until it was dry… then checked the dehumidifier next morning. Barely a teaspoon of water, despite the humidifier being right next to it. I would have expected at least a 1/4 cup since they were sitting side by side.

I know the unit was running, I could hear the motor and feel air passing from the top out through the front. It just was not as efficient as I had hoped, although it does work, I just was hoping for it to work better.

I got this dehumidifier at no charge for the purpose of review. If you have any questions I didn’t cover, please ask in the comments section – but I probably won’t be hanging on to this dehumidifier.

You can leave a negative review that isn’t hostile, but points out the reasons why someone might not like an item.   Sometimes I find negative reviews can actually be more helpful than positive reviews, and I tend to click the “helpful” button on those reviews more than others.   Don’t fear giving negative reviews!  Remember, your primary concern is helping others make an informed decision.   If you don’t like it, tell people why and let them make up their own mind.  There are too many reviewers out there who only give positive reviews, and they do a great disservice.


*This review was for Vine which is sanctioned by Amazon and labeled as such.  Therefore I don’t leave a disclaimer on those reviews.   All other reviews where I get an item for free or a discount must have disclaimers.



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