Strange requests

Sometimes I get strange requests.   I decided I should start saving these and chronicle them here.   This one arrived this morning and I opted not to reply at all:strange requests

It reads:

Would you willing to help us to avoid fake prodcuts??‏

Hello, my dear friend,

We’re Amazon sellers and would like to establish a business relationship with you if you’re interested.

Currenly we’re suffering lots of sellers using our Brand selling their fake products.

We created the listings in Amazon and our customer usually are very fond of our products.

However, Some other sellers also selling under the same listing using a lower price to attract our customers to buy a different product, which might be  bad quality or a fake one.

To avoid such problem, we need evidence to report them in Amazon, but we cannot buy one from other sellers coz we’re overseas and have no local Amazon account to buy one from them and tes and submit evidence to Amazon.

Would you willing to buy one from other sellers and take some clear pictures and send to us?

We will tranfer the amount thought Paypal so that you could buy it for free.You could just just keep it but take some pictures for us.

How do you think about that??

We really hope you could help us if you’re willing to.
Looking forward to your reply.
Best regards,

You should have nothing to do with requests like these.   Something is clearly fishy here and although you may be thinking “Hey, this is free stuff and I don’t even have to review it”, it’s best not to involve yourself in something like this.    If and when sellers have real issues on Amazon, they take it up with Amazon directly.  They would not email a random stranger.  This is just common sense.

I am not sure what their end goal is, whether it is to rise in the search rankings at Amazon with lots of verified purchases that don’t show up as discount or review items, or if they are out and out scammers.   It doesn’t matter.  Stay away!

Check out my blog archives, they are totally legit!



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