Review rank stuck

Amazon9/25/16 – To anyone who tracks it, Amazon’s review ranking has stalled out for what seems like a couple months now, maybe more.   This isn’t necessarily unusual, they have never updated them consistently.  Sometimes it’s been every few days, or once a week.   Sometimes a few times a month.   This is quite a long time they have gone without updates though.

I’m stuck perpetually at 234, so in reality I could actually be lower than that or higher than that.   There is always a lot of speculation when Amazon neglects to update rankings.  Could it be they are retooling their algorithm that determines rank?  Could they be purging more reviewers for violating the TOS?  Did they fire the guy who updates ranks and didn’t rehire someone new?  It’s all speculation and no one really knows.

We just have to be patient.   Chances are when it does update there will be large swings in rank for most people.



While you wait for your rank to update, check out my archives!


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