Your product description is lacking

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I’ve seen it many times when shopping online; an otherwise great product is paired with a poorly worded description.   It may be that your product is so great that it sells itself, even without a coherent product description, but why risk it?  A bad product description can lend itself to all sorts of unintended consequences:

  • Negative reviews resulting from unintentionally misleading descriptions promising more (or something other than) what the product can do.
  • Missed sales because buyer is wary of buying a product from overseas, even if the product is actually stocked in US warehouses.
  • Missed sales because buyer equates the quality of writing with the quality of the product.
  • Missed sales because buyer doesn’t understand what the description says, or can’t determine if the product is what they need based on the description.
  • Poor search results, your product will not be seen by as many people.

The solution?  I can fix your product descriptions to read cleanly, clearly and fluently to an English speaking audience.  I have years of writing experience, in both technical writing and creative writing, as well as marketing experience.   This is the perfect combination of skills you want to have when writing any product description.

The product description is what sells your product.  If someone is on the fence about purchasing, a well written and attention grabbing product description can be the tipping point.

Bottom line?  If you want to increase your sales, you need my services. Contact me to find out how I can benefit you.



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