I’m picky.

pickyIt’s true I’m picky about a lot of things, and I’ve become especially picky about reviews I choose to accept, and now that Amazon has changed it’s reviewing policy on non-Vine reviews the whole landscape of reviewing has changed – shifting to sites other than Amazon.  Let me share with you my previous criteria for accepting reviews.   It used to be, if I felt I could use it or if it was a product I had a great deal of knowledge about already – I reviewed it.   No other criteria mattered.  That was it.

Now however, things are a bit different.   Considering I do have another job that actually pays the bills, I thought it best to limit the reviews I was taking on so that I do only 1 or 2 each day.  My second criteria is to look at the item and determine how many other people are reviewing it and where.   If it’s an item under $20 and they already have a lot of positive reviews on it, chances are they are sending them out to hundreds of people.    I’m not necessarily interested in having my review lost in the mix.

My third criteria is that I don’t accept items where there are a lot of strings attached.   It’s one thing for the seller to request a video or photo review, which I happily comply with because I would have probably done that anyway…. but when they give me a word count that I have to meet on their site, or that I have to like them on Facebook or any number of things- I get a bit put off.   These aren’t big deals necessarily, but they are just hoops I don’t care to jump through.  Easy come easy go is the philosophy I have developed, and it really helps.

Being picky is a good thing for a reviewer.   It enables you to do things on your terms, and ultimately I would argue, makes for better reviews.


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