It’s been a strange couple weeks.

warning-838655_1280I have had a strange couple of weeks with Amazon.    They first determined that they were going to delete some Vine member reviews, apparently they had too many Vine reviews on some products and wanted to make way for some other customer reviews. My first thought was that if they didn’t want so many reviews, why send out so much product to be reviewed? While my reaction was one of “Ok, whatever”, some Vine members were angry about it, their stance being they spent so much time on these reviews only to have them deleted seems like a huge waste, and also they were angry about all the positive votes being lost on deleted items.  The latter is a good point, but still… not anything that was going to affect me too much either way.  I find that my Vine reviews don’t get as many up-votes as my non Vine reviews (with a few exceptions).

The next issue that came up did hit me a bit harder.   All but 5 of my most recent reviews vanished.   I had over 1,500 reviews.   My ranking was still in tact, but the reviews were gone, and so were all the positive up-votes.   This was a bit of a shock to my system.   I reached out to Amazon to inquire about it.   Two days later I got a message from the review department saying they were reinstating all the reviews and offering an apology for the inconvenience.

Then, a few days after that my review ranking went from being in the top 500, down to 179,058, and I lost my top reviewer badge.   That is a bigger jump than I have ever had, and quite a demotion!    This ranking stayed in place for 3 days but mysteriously refreshed again and I was reinstated back to my prior ranking complete with my old badge.

Not sure what is happening over at Amazon, but it seems that they are further tweaking their reviewing system and stats.


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