LED Shuttlecocks

61vjw-yxzvl-_sl1000_10/17/16 – 86% off on LED Shuttlecocks?  Yep.  Made from goose feathers?  Yep.  LED badminton shuttlecocks made with real goose feathers.   This promo deal is only valid until 10/17/2016 11:59 PM PDT.   Use promo code 8ZICNRRE at check out to get this promotional price.  Seller is requesting you review these on your social media outlets, like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc.   Delivery will take 9-15 days because they will be shipped direct from the manufacturer.  If you have further questions contact the seller.

Product link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00L9TUTDY



Dog dish deal!

10/10/16 –  Seller URPOWER on Amazon is offering a nice discount for a limited time on this pet food and water dish with silicone tray.  After 5 days this deal is history!

Original price is $23.99, but using coupon code ZF5I563G at check out you can get this set for only $16.99.

I have one very much like this one, and it’s great because the dishes are re-moveable for washing, and you can even put the silicone mat in the dishwasher too.    Because it doesn’t slide around, your pets can’t make a mess.   I think they are pretty cool.

Rubik’s cube?

71p0xhuqdvl__sl1500_I have a deal for you, heavily discounted speed cubes!   What’s a speed cube? It’s just like the Rubik’s cubes you remember, but they spin freely with one finger.   They are very loose by design,  which makes it great for solving fast (Or for people who have impaired motor skills, this one would be just the thing because it is so easy to turn).

My oldest kid loves them and has quite a collection going.   He won’t work with anything that isn’t a speed cube now because he’s fallen in love with their ease of use.   It makes it look like he’s a genius with how fast he can manipulate them.

Want to try one for yourself, or need one for a gift for a kid that might be hard to buy for?  This puzzle cube has broad appeal.  Contact the seller directly via email.  Tell them you saw the cube deal on Prudent reviewer and ask for more information or the code.   They will give you a code to purchase the cube at a great discount sale price on Amazon.




Discount lights from Eyeopener

Seller Eyeopener has some discounted LED lights to offer at a great discount.


These lights retail for $13.88 on Amazon, which is a great price already, but our seller is lowering the price to $9.90 with promotional code!  Get ready for Christmas with these solar lights.

Hurry because this deal will not be around long.   If you are interested contact Eyeopener to receive a discount code to use at checkout.

And, just so you know: Sellers always appreciate feedback and reviews, but neither are necessary for this sale.

Invitation to Review

10/3/16 –  Invitation to review Q26 Bluetooth Earpiece from seller POBON.

What to do:
1. Check out the listing for this Bluetooth Earpiece on Amazon.
2. If interested in receiving this item, in exchange for a review, contact the seller POBON via email directly.  (cost will only be $1 to reviewers)
3. Be sure to include in your email that you saw this review offer on prudentreviewer.com
4. Seller will contact you via email and send you the product code to get the item for only $1.
5. When the item arrives, test out the earpiece and then give a review on Amazon about your experience.

Goose Down Comforters

10/2/16 – This deal is brought to you by Manwanwalk a seller on Amazon.   Use the redemption codes at check out to receive the discounted price at checkout.white-comforter

20% off on the following products:

Duvet White Goose Down Feather Comforter 100% Cotton Cover California King (King, White)

Code: M2DC4CLM

LUXURIOUS Twin White Goose Down Comforter Duvet -Solid Cotton Shell Anti-allergy (Twin)

Code: GQQKQ2C3

100% Goose Down Comforter Duvet-Solid 100% Cotton Shell khaki (Twin, khaki)


LUXURIOUS Twin Goose Down Comforter Duvet -Solid Light Weight Blue Cotton Shell (Twin, Blue)

Code: KOO6PP8Y

LUXURIOUS Twin 100% Goose Down Comforter Duvet -Solid Cotton Shell Purple Anti-allergy (Twin, Purple)

Code: 9ADV65TJ

Should you have questions please contact Manwanwalk directly via email : manwanwalk@newsletter.manwanwalk.com