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Compression sleeves provide comfort & can be worn every day to help you reduce pain and recover faster. Besides that the Free Brace relieves muscle stiffness, extra soreness & offers rejuvenating relief from arthritis, osteoporosis, tendonitis, pain & discomfort, allowing you to perform at your peak in any situation.

What are sellers doing now?

10/6/16 – After the sweeping Amazon policy changes, sellers are changing tactics.

I have gotten a few “giveaway” contest invites that are generated by the third party sellers through Amazon.   (See more about that here)  The way that works is the seller creates a contest through Amazon.   Sends me a link saying I may have won or something to that effect, and when I click the link I’m sent to an Amazon page where there’s a fun little box to click “to see if I’ve won”.   I click the box and I win!   Product is shipped directly to me from Amazon.  Amazon sends a notice of shipment.   There is no mention of reviewing, so this would seem to be a legitimate way to get product out there to people who like to review.   The trick for sellers would be to try to identify those people who review if it wasn’t already known.  For sellers who have a lot of contacts they normally deal with and trust, this seems like an ideal solution.

The other thing that has been happening is individual sellers (and coupon clubs),  are offering products on sale, and they are explicitly saying you don’t have to review them.  This too, seems like a legitimate work around.

The third thing I noticed is a few sellers who I have reviewed for in the past contacted me and wanted to offer a “thank you” gift.   They also expressly stated that reviews on these gifts are not necessary.  Also, seems like this is allowable.

I do have an email in to Amazon customer service highlighting all these different ways I have been contacted to see if they are ok to do (just in case).   If they say no, I’ll update you on that.

The majority of sellers though, are still offering product for free or a discount in exchange for a review.   With those people I always email back pointing out the new policy.   Some seem genuinely surprised, so somehow they didn’t get notices from Amazon on this.

product review

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It’s getting serious

10/5/16- I just got the following email from Amazon.   They are really serious about their policy changes.

 on a policy change to our Community Guidelines, some of your reviews 
will be removed. We recently updated this policy to prohibit 
incentivized reviews, which includes those posted in exchange for free 
or discounted products. Incentivized reviews posted prior to this policy
 change are being retroactively removed if they are excessive or do not 
comply with the previous policy.
Your reviewing privileges will 
not be affected by this action, but you will not be able to resubmit the
 reviews that were removed.
To learn about our review policies, please see our 
Customer Review Creation Guidelines (

40% off on a digital thermometer

11/11/16 – (Valid through 11/13/16)

40% off!  USE CODE: N254SM2D


Yoofor Digital Foldable Food Thermometer with Back Light
Valid 3 a.m. – 11:59 p.m. on 7th November.
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Looking for a digital thermometer perfect for kitchen and outdoor? Yoofor Digital food thermometer is your best choice!

– 4″ response time
– Bright backlit display
– Splash proof body
– Magnetic Refrigerator Attachment
– Range: -58°F to 572°F (-50°C-300°C)

Don’t miss this one!

untitled-111/1/16 –  Amazon seller Lovav is discounting their entire line of necklaces.   Check them out here.   These necklaces retail for over $25, but for a limited time the entire collection is discounted to $6.99 each.   To redeem this offer, type in code “B7VFBYVG” at check out.  The discounted price will be updated before you purchase.

Happy shopping!

Uigos has some deals for you

10/24/16 – Amazon seller Uigos thought you might be interested in these items, and asked that I share them with you.   Head over to Amazon now!


Uigos 2 Pack Digital Kitchen Timer II 2.0 , Big Digits, Loud Alarm, Magnetic Backing, Stand, for Cooking Baking Sports Games Office (White) (2 Pack)
Sale:$3.99 (Promotion Code:HGQMR73B)
You Save: $15.00 (75%)
Sold by Uigos and Fulfilled by Amazon.
Uigos Tumbler Stainless Steel Travel Cup – 30 oz Double Wall Vacuum Insulated – Keeps Cold & Hot , Coffee Thermos Flask , Mugs
 Sale:$4.99 (Promotion Code:DTD76XT9)
You Save: $45.00 (90%)
Sold by Uigos and Fulfilled by Amazon.
Please note that product prices and availability are subject to change.

LED night light lamp

10/14/16 – I want to share with you a promotional deal on some fun and cute LED Night Lights. These are great for kids’ rooms especially because of the soft glow they emit.  They are offering these at 50% off.   If interested click on this link, or you can contact the seller for more information.


About the Product

  • • CUTE NIGHT TABLE LAMP: This cute little night lamp has a micro landscape design with small animals that delight children. Its light is soothing and calm, whether you use it as a night light to help your little ones sleep, or even for night reading.
  • • TOUCH TO CONTROL DESIGN: There are 3 modes for your light: Low Illumination, High Illumination, and Vibration. Touch it to control the mode you want!
  • • YOU CAN PLACE IT ANYWHERE YOU LIKE: Its rotary handle on top provides you with plenty of uses! You can use it as a bedside lamp, you can place it in a hallway as a night light, have it outside on your porch table, or hang it from the built in hook! The possibilities are endless!
  • • LED LIGHT AND USB CHARGE: The light source is LED, and it comes with a charging cable. You can charge it through your computer or power bank, and it’s made out of ABS and PC materials, completely safe and nontoxic!
  • • PERFECT TO GIVE AS A GIFT WITH OUR INCLUDED GREETING CARD AND GIFT BAG: This beautiful and cute night lamp can be the perfect gift, not only for children, but for teenagers or young students as well, because its design is suitable for any decor! And with the unique greeting card and paper gift bag, we provide you with the full gifting set, so you’re good to go!

LED Balloons from Eyeopener

I’ve never seen anything like this, but it’s an idea that’s past due for sure.  LED Balloons!  It’s also kind of funny if you think about it… LED balloons?  LEAD balloons?  Ok maybe I’m the only one who gets that joke.

Eyeopener is offering a 50% discount on these balloons when purchased on Amazon.   Every kid will love these.    To find out more about the deal, email Eyeopener directly and get your claim code to use on Amazon.   Be sure to let them know you saw this on Prudent Reviewer.


Discount lights from Eyeopener

Seller Eyeopener has some discounted LED lights to offer at a great discount.


These lights retail for $13.88 on Amazon, which is a great price already, but our seller is lowering the price to $9.90 with promotional code!  Get ready for Christmas with these solar lights.

Hurry because this deal will not be around long.   If you are interested contact Eyeopener to receive a discount code to use at checkout.

And, just so you know: Sellers always appreciate feedback and reviews, but neither are necessary for this sale.