xbertsThere are many outlets for reviewing and I’d like to talk about one in particular that I have used and liked called Xberts.  Xberts is not a coupon club, they are more exclusive and choosy about who they allow to review.  Reviews are posted on their site directly (and you can post your reviews on your other social media sites, if you desire).  You are required to go through an application process to get items for free to review, it’s not guaranteed you will get every item you request, but they do give you discounts on the innovative products featured there, if you aren’t lucky enough to be chosen as a reviewer.

The process takes longer than most may be used to, and you have to apply to be a reviewer for each product that interests you, the offers don’t come to you automatically.   You can apply for as many products as you like, there is no limit.   Because there is only a limited number of products being given for review (usually less than 10 are given out), and many people desiring to review them, it may take many tries before you actually get chosen.   I applied for 5 or 6 items before I got my first review opportunity.   Once you get selected  to review the first time, assuming you complete you review in the amount of time they give (which is always ample) and you complete all the criteria they have, it seems that getting selected to review again is a bit easier.   This could be a coincidence, but that was my experience.   Once I completed my first review, I had two more applications accepted right away.

Their items tend to be innovative tech type items, but the spectrum is broad on what can be offered and is continually changing.  Some items are very high end, some more common, but all are interesting.   I urge you to check it out,  I guarantee there will be some items on there you will want to put in an application in for.

My disclaimer?  Xberts did not ask me to write this review – I’m just sharing a unique review opportunity to try because I’m a helpful person.

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9 thoughts on “Xberts

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  2. Hello,
    I want to know if we get the product from them where we should write the review in YouTube channel,blog or any website are there for such type of review please tell me


  3. Hello,
    I want to know if we get the product from them where we should write the review in YouTube channel,blog or any website are there for such type of review please tell me.i also want to get that product


    • Be as thorough as possible, and of course use your best writing skills (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.). It is hard to be selected because the pool of reviewers for the best items are large and sometimes they only give away a few items. I have been turned down far more than I have been selected. They are targeting reviewers so if you are trying to review a piece of tech, and you have no prior experience with reviewing that kind of item it is unlikely you will be chosen. If you select items that you frequently review and have a track record with, you will stand a better chance at selection.


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