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03/08/17 – Early in 2016 Walmart discontinued their Spark Reviewer program.  But today Walmart has reached out to former Spark Reviewers to say that they are starting up the program once again:


Spark, like Amazon’s Vine, is a invitation only program.  In order to be picked you must be a Walmart customer who leaves reviews on the Walmart website.  Walmart lists these things as criteria to consider to write a review they consider good:

  • Talk about your personal experience with the product (not with Walmart)
  • Tell other customers what is great or not so great about it
  • Explain how you are using it
  • Attributes to consider include: value for price; quality; durability; design; ease of use; etc.



9 thoughts on “It’s on!

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  2. I noticed that the April Spark Review had only 7 products. Not a large selection, but I am happy to have the program restarted. I may have gotten the list late, but there was no prior knowledge of product selection date as previously. I understand that it will be in full effect as of May, 2017.

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  3. The Walmart Spark Reviewer is back and I’m a happy camper! Picked 2 items and to my surprise, the campaign isn’t closed the last I checked. My selection of items wasn’t shipped as of yet.

    Love it, am looking forward to writing reviews. Had to google more info but what else is new. I love it that only 200 words length is required. Home Depot Seeds where I am in just as well, requires 350 words minimum. Love both of them. Yay


  4. I picked two pairs of shoes, one athletic one more dressy. Both arrived and I was able to easily leave reviews for both, but I note they didn’t have a place to upload video content that I saw, just photos.


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