More posting problems on Amazon

A problem that seems to be reoccurring with Amazon reviews are that a review may not post, or if it does post –  it is missing photo or video elements that had been added with the original review.

This has been happening sporadically for the better part of a year.   I can’t see a pattern to it, other than it happens in spurts where in the span of a week I get two or three reviews that don’t post or are missing some element to them when they do post.   Could it be due to a lax employee?  Perhaps some sort of glitch in the computer?  I can’t say.   When these things happen I just contact customer service and they resolve it within a day or two if it is the case that the review didn’t post, and if it is the case that it did post and photos were left out, I go back and edit my review to add them back in myself.

My advice to you because of this issue is to save all your review photos and videos for at least a month, and be sure to check all your reviews after posting to assure all elements of the review are present.   If you haven’t already… get a tracking system in place for your reviews and review items so you will know what has and has not posted.    Previously I was deleting all my photos and videos as soon as I posted the review, but I learned the hard way that it ends up being more work when you have to recreate them.  I am saving mine with the idea that I will keep them for 6 months then delete.   Probably a bit of overkill, but I like to err on the side of caution.


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