Be nice to the delivery guy (or gal)

Worksman_delivery_trikeAs Christmas is approaching, I thought I might point out something easily overlooked.  Your delivery guy(s) or gal(s).  If you get a lot of stuff online, you will get many visits from your friendly UPS, FedEx and DHL drivers.   So much so, you develop a bit of a friendship of sorts.   You know their schedules by heart, and when someone else drives up in the truck you may even inquire ‘where’s my regular guy?’.  In my case, I communicate my vacation schedules with my UPS guy and he gives me a heads up on his, because I see him every single day.  If I happen to be out and about for a couple days in a row when he delivers, he’ll teasingly chastise me the next day for not being home.

It’s good to develop a friendly relationship with these people because they are carrying a lot of stuff for you.   Be kind and courteous!  And consider getting them a gift this Christmas.   Perhaps a gift card to a local convenience store, or restaurant.   Maybe a tin of homemade cookies… it doesn’t matter so long as you take time to acknowledge their hard work and let them know you appreciate what they do!


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